Top 10 Resistance Training Exercises to Burn Belly Fat Without Having to Jog or Run!

If you want to burn fat, improve your strength and have a better body shape you should do resistance training exercises. They can enhance your muscular endurance and strength and make you appear much better nude!

You should Also realize that the countless hours of cardio or the unlimited time you spend on the fitness treadmill machine can’t satisfy your goals. That will just help you be a smaller form of your earlier fat self. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you top 10 resistance training exercises to burn belly fat and have the body you always dream about.

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A new study analyzed the effects of resistance training on the metabolic constraints of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. They took 53 patients and separated them into 2 groups. The first one performed pushups and squats three times weekly for 12 weeks, while the other group didn’t do any resistance workout.

After 12 weeks, the results were compared. Within the resistance training exercises group, individuals significantly increased the fat-free muscle mass and reduced the levels of iron, insulin, and fatty liver. Therefore, according to the study, resistance exercises can enhance the attributes of metabolic disorder regarding a non-alcoholic greasy liver malady.

Top 10 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Here you’ll find top 10 resistance training exercises to burn belly fat and build shapely muscle. You can do them anywhere in no particular order, and they don’t require any special equipment. However, they will help you build lean muscle tone, slow down aging and look totally enticing!

These exercises are simply compounds movements so they work multiple muscles at the same time. Once you incorporate them into your workout plan, they will help you shed the most unwanted fat very quickly! These are the top 10 resistance training exercises to burn belly fat:

1- The Burpee

After doing this exercise, you can put your treadmill up for sale. It’s broken down into a couple movements and hits all your major muscle groups. It will help you burn more belly fat than doing hours of cardio. Additionally, you can adjust it according to your level of physical fitness.

The Burpee

2- The Lunge

It’s all about the butt! The lunge is made to tighten the butt and tone the hamstrings.

The Lunge

However, if you feel any pain in the knees, you can easily replace it with the glute bridge.

The Glute Bridge

3- The Push Up

This exercise is really fantastic. It will help you improve your triceps, get beautifully sculpted shoulders and tone your upper chest. Also, it will significantly tone your core and you can even work your full body if you do it right. You can modify it according to your fitness level.

The push up video

4- The Pull Up

This powerful exercise can strengthen your back to an amazing level. However, it might be troublesome at the beginning, and that means you can practice just a little with some less complex alternatives before you finally succeed in it and be able to impress others with your beautiful back.

The pull up video

5- The Spider Crawl

This exercise will give greater strength to your core muscles while also enhancing the mobility of your hips. Exercises that do double duty are the bomb.

The spider crawl video

6- The Plank

Forget sit-ups, crunches, and side bends,the plank is an highly powerful exercise which engages the whole core, including the transverse abdominous. This is the muscle that can prevent or alleviate back pain. Try to hold plank position for one minute.

The plank video

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7- The Get Up

Everybody wants ‘six pack abs’ but most people don’t know that you can perform a flat and toned belly while blasting other muscles.This exercise will engage the core muscles to an extremely high degree and help you Get rid of flying bat wing triceps at the same time!

The get up video

8- The Squat

In reality, you do this movement every day when you sit in a chair. It’s an essential movement that can help you reshape your entire leg and butt. Bodyweight squats could be very challenging, and for an additional challenge, you can use some weight with a barbell or dumb bells. This is how it’s done:

The squat video

9- The Skater

Moving in a lateral plane is a great exercise for developing the stability of the knees and ankles. And if you want to burn more calorie, you can modify it with jolting to the joints or minimum jumping.

The skater video

10- Jumping Rope

Skipping can be done anywhere and is a perfect replacement to running. It will help you tone your arms and legs while you burn a huge amount of calorie. If you don’t have a good experience with this movement, you can try doing a ‘phantom’ skip where you throw the rope to the side and pretend to jump rope by going right through the motions.

The jumping rope video

Here are some more great jump rope tips:

More jump rope tips video

These 10 bodyweight resistance training exercises will help you finally achieve stunning results and get the body you have always wanted! And no need to run up the clock with your workout; All you need is 15 minutes and this effective fat burning, strength building workout program!

This is the end of the article “top 10 resistance training exercises to burn belly fat without having to jog or run!” We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, because you never know who you can help with it!

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