The 30-Day Plank Challenge Calendar, 5-Minute Plank Workout, a New Sexy Body!

This is the 30-day plank challenge calendar that has been completed by thousands of people around the world and has provided the promised result ”a completely new body!”

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The plank workout is one of the most effective core exercises. Most of you already heard about this exercise and do it as part of the workout routine. But, have you ever heard about the 30-day plank challenge calendar?

5-minute plank workout, 30 days. That’s all you need. You can do it at home and the best thing is that it’s really fast and powerful. The 30-day plank challenge gives unbelievable results and improves the body shape.

The plank workout melts more fat deposits than sit-ups. Plus, it strengthens the inner and outer muscles of the back, core, arms, legs and buttocks. It even helps you maintain better posture.

Accept and follow the 30-day plank challenge calendar and see how your body transforms. Get yourself in great shape by just reaching the final goal “5-minute plank workout”.

If you keep up for the whole 30 days and more while managing a healthy caloric intake, you’ll see a serious progress. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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How to Do the Plank Workout

Plank is a static exercise, it doesn’t require any movement. Therefore, before you follow the 30-day plank challenge calendar, you should know that the right position is crucial for doing this exercise.

5-minute plank workout

In order to do the plank workout correctly, lift yourself on your elbows and lean on your toes. Your upper body should form a straight line. With deep breaths and with the help of your abdominal muscles and by pushing up the muscles of the buttocks try to maintain this straight line.

Read the perfect plank exercise article for more details (a video included).

After you learn the correct position, all you need to do is following the time on the 30-day plank challenge calendar.

The 30-day plank challenge calendar

This challenge has been designed to be completed in a period of one month. You need to increase the time gradually every day.

The first step is holding the correct position for 20 seconds. The final goal is to achieve the 5-minute plank workout continuously or as long as you can hold it on.

In the ending phase, your body will be ready for bigger challenges and the muscles’ mass will be significantly accented.

When you do the correct form, don’t move. Hold it like that for:

The 30 day plank challenge Calendar

Seems too easy? – Accept and do the 30-day plank challenge and let’s see if you can hold on to it. We would like to see you doing this challenge.

In the first few seconds you will feel the intensity of this exercise, but that is the reason why it is extremely powerful. Yet, if you think that this is too much, you can start some other kind of exercises.

This is the end of the article “the 30-day plank challenge calendar, 5-minute plank workout and a new sexy body!”. We really hope you find it helpful and don’t forget to invite your friends to do the same thing. There are the sharing buttons below that will invite them over.

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