6 Weight Loss Problems for Men and Women (That Prevent You from Losing Weight)

Are you dieting and exercising but not losing weight?

Everyone wants to burn fat to be healthier and prettier. But, when people follow their diets, they face several weight loss problems that hinder them from achieving their goals.

Many dieters fail because they don’t know how to eliminate the reasons that prevent them from losing weight. They struggle to get the body they want, but without any success.

Fortunately, all these problems have solutions, and you’re probably pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you in this article:

6 Common weight loss problems for men and women that prevent you from losing weight, and the strategies that can help you get rid of them to have the body you always dream about.

Furthermore, at the end of this article, we’re going to show you a simple and strong solution that can give an instant boost to your weight loss progress.

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  1. Feeling Hungry
  2. Craving Certain Foods
  3. Eating Out With Friends
  4. Lack of Energy
  5. Hard to Fit in Exercise
  6. Diet Plateaus
  7. Easy and Fast Weight Loss Solution

Weight Loss Problems for Men and Women in Detail

According to HealthLine.com, there are at least 6 common weight loss problems for men and women all dieters will encounter. As you read this, without any doubt you’ll recognize most of them as problems you’ve experienced before.

1. Feeling Hungry

When you try to lose weight, your desire to eat will increase. And, the most complicated obstacle of dieting people face is fighting the food cravings.

The big mistake many dieters make is definitely that they skip meals in order to reduce their daily calorie consumption.

Do you know why skipping meals is a huge mistake?

Because depriving yourself of the main meals will make you feel ravenously hungry. Therefore, when you do eat you will have bigger portions, and it will be harder for you to make sensible food choices.

This means taking more calories than you would have had if you didn’t really skip that meal. So, as a result, you won’t stick to your diet plan.

If you always suffer from hunger and struggle to keep on track with your diet, you should eat some special foods that can help you feel fuller and burn fat at the same time!

Never heard of this kind of foods? No worries.

This post will show you The Best Fat Burning Foods for Men and Women.

Also, when trying to lose weight, it is particularly important to have breakfast, as eating this meal helps you increase your metabolism to enhance your weight loss progress.

There are also other ways to get a fast metabolism, and here you can find out how to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight.

As you see, hunger is one of the most complicated reasons why you can’t lose weight.

So, why would suffer from feeling hungry when you can simply lose weight by eating the main meals and enjoy more healthy foods, which can give you a feeling of complete satisfaction during the day and burn your fat at the same time?

Speaking of a strategy that gets results right away…

2. Craving Certain Foods

We typically crave sweet foods out of stress, fatigue, boredom and hunger.

And, in case you have a sweet tooth and crave all the things you know should be avoiding, i.e. chocolate, crisps, and sweets (the ones we all like best – full of sugar and fat!) on a regular basis, it can be a solid style to break.

You need a hard work to stop this bad habit.

This is really one of the hardest weight loss problems causes for women and men.

After eating these foods, you need many hours of hard training to counteract the quantity of calories found in them.

So, it is certainly unrealistic to imagine that you can consume a huge amount of calories every day, and successfully burn all of them.

As we explained above in the feeling hungry section and in our post: The Best Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss some special foods can help you feel fuller.

Therefore, by eating them you should eat less between meals and feel less hungry during the day.

That in turn, will reduce your cravings for bad foods you know should be avoiding, the ones that are full of sugar and fat.

Have you tried many times to stop craving sweet foods but always failed? And would you beat your unhealthy eating habits to get the body you desire?

If you have tried to stop eating this kind of foods but without any success, and if you are determined to really curb your appetite, you should consider taking an appetite suppressant that can help you very well in this mission.

In our post What Is an Appetite Suppressant?, you’ll find out how it works, and the best natural supplements on the market today.

As you see, craving sweet foods is a huge obstacle that keeps you from reaching your goal.

But, you can simply get rid of this problem by eating your main meals that contain high protein and fiber foods, and also by taking a natural appetite suppressant as the last solution.

3. Eating Out With Friends and Relatives

Eating out is both fun and sociable. We all like to eat in restaurants with our friends.

This can be a very social event and a time to indulge ourselves. But, with all the delicious foods on the menu, we rarely want to choose the healthiest option.

According to a study presented at the American Heart Association, when eating in a social setting the temptation to overeat for dieters trying to lose or maintain their weight is stronger.

Furthermore, you may often eat out if you are always on the go, or you just don’t enjoy cooking.

And, that makes sticking to a diet a lot more difficult.

As you see, this is one of the top diet killers, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing it.

So, how to stick to your health goals without having to give up your social life?

Here, we show you some clever tips to help you eat healthy when eating out:

  • Eat a healthy snack before you arrive at a restaurant to prevent yourself from eating too much.
  • Take a cup of Dr. Oz Weight Loss Drink 30 minutes before your meal. This drink will help you burn some of the fat you’ll get from the restaurant food.
  • Drink water before and during your meal at the restaurant.
  • Look for food that has been grilled, steamed, poached or roasted. It contains fewer calories.
  • Try eating your meal mindfully by making healthy food choices, improving your self-control, and giving your full attention to the eating process.
  • Choose big crunchy salads or soup before your main course. They’ll be your lightest choice and stop you from eating too much.
  • Make sure you order your meal before everyone else to prevent others from influencing your choices without you ever realizing.
  • Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly, so that you eat less and feel full more quickly.
  • Have a cup of coffee instead of dessert to cut calories and enjoy some of its great benefits.
  • Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks and stick to water or unsweetened tea.
  • Go for tomato- or vegetable-based sauces over creamy ones to cut the fat from your meal.
  • Watch out for health claims and read the menu description carefully. Added sugars can hide in many places.

With these helpful tips, you can enjoy your social life by eating out with friends and relatives without ruining your overall health and weight management.

4. Lack of Energy

When you try to lose weight, you probably don’t eat much. In the worst situations, you don’t eat at all and skip meals, especially in the morning.

That can make you feel drained and tired, particularly during the afternoon. Then, you are much more likely to eat the biscuit tin for an energy boost rather than eating a healthier snack.

Lacking of energy is a very annoying weight loss problem for both men and women.

So, why to let this problem ruin your diet when you can solve it easily?

Yes! You read that correctly, “EASILY”.

Food provides you with the energy you need. Thus, when you don’t eat well and skip meals you won’t get enough energy.

As we explained before in the feeling hungry section, you should eat your main meals that are rich in fiber and protein, especially breakfast. Since that has a great impact on boosting your energy.

When you feel energetic, you won’t find yourself compelled to eat sweet foods that can ruin your diet and overall health for just eliminating the tiredness feeling temporarily.

Therefore, by solving this problem and getting high energy, you can simply follow your diet plan.

5. Hard to Fit in Exercise

Our needs increase day after day, and we struggle to make our work efforts pay off for us financially.

As a result, work hours are getting longer. Hence, if you have a family and other responsibilities, this hardly leaves you with very little time to fit a workout into your diet plan.

Especially, if you have a very stressful job and work long hours, the last thing you would want to do after an arduous day is going to the gym.

So, how to fit exercise into your daily routine when your schedule is already packed?

No excuses. Use these strategies to get your heart pumping and muscles working each day, no matter how busy you are:

  • Early morning exercise: Pre-plan and prepare breakfast the night before. Set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier and get a quick 20- to 30-minute workout done. It’s a great energy-booster and will start your day with a healthy bang. This post will show you the Top 10 Resistance Training Exercises to Burn Belly Fat.
  • Make your commute to work your workout: Walk or cycle if you can rather than taking the car.
  • Choose the far lot: If you drive to work or to the store, park as far away as you can to get more steps each day.
  • Step it up: When choosing between an escalator, elevator, and the stairs, choose the stairs. You’ll get your muscles working, and the extra steps will be added to your daily exercises.
  • Walk this way: Walk whenever and wherever you can. Walk while talking on the phone. Moreover, cut your lunch short and take a brisk walk.
  • Use your lunch break to exercise: Make use of your precious 60 minutes by hitting the gym or going for a walk. This can invigorate you mentally and physically, and you will be more productive during the day.
  • Beware of the chair: Office jobs don’t have to be sedentary. Replace your desk chair with a big exercise ball. There’s no slouching when sitting on this inflatable sphere, which means it forces you to exercise while you work, helps with posture and building your core.
  • Trade movie night for something more active: Instead of sitting on the couch with your favorite snack food for hours in silence, as you do in a movie, choose an activity you enjoy like dancing and bowling and invite your friend or partner to join in.
  • HIIT: Do high-intensity interval training, which provides the best bang for your time. Use bands, dumbbells, or your bodyweight, and do a quick exercise circuit. This can sheds a huge amount of calories and keeps your metabolism humming for hours afterward. Read about The 30-Day Plank Challenge Calendar.
  • Keep moving: You should know that moving is better than sitting. Any activity you do, no matter how simple it is, like cleaning or mowing the lawn burns calories, so get up and get going. Walk around the garden, mall, ride your bike, play tennis or other sports. By doing this, you’re doing something good for yourself.

For many, finding the time to work out can be a challenging task. But, with these powerful ideas you can overcome this challenge and find time for training, no matter how tight your schedule is.

6. Diet Plateaus

It is normal after following a low calorie diet for a couple weeks, you suddenly find you don’t lose weight anymore. Whatever you do, your weight stays the same.

This is called diet plateaus, and it can happen in two situations:

  • You’ve decreased your calorie consumption too much. Therefore, the body thinks it is ‘starving’ and slows down the metabolism to preserve the fat and save your life.
  • You are eating as many calories as you are burning off, so you aren’t losing any more weight.

Don’t be discouraged. Try these tips for getting past the plateau:

  • Cut more calories: Decreasing your calories intake can help get your weight moving in the right direction again. Low-carb diets help fight hunger and provide feelings of fullness.
  • Spread out your protein and eat more of it: You need to increase your protein intake if you want to lose weight. It’s not just your total intake for the day that matters. Consuming protein throughout the day provides you with several opportunities to promote weight loss. Protein can boost metabolic rate, reduce hunger and even help the body retain its muscles while scorching fat. This is how High Protein Foods Burn Fat Naturally.
  • Eat more fiber: Research shows that including more fiber-rich foods in your diet can help you shed pounds and break through a weight loss plateau because the nutrient is so filling. Fiber promotes weight loss by slowing the movement of food through your digestive tract, reducing appetite and the calories your body absorbs from food.
  • Eat vegetables at every meal: They are the ideal food for weight loss. Vegetables are loaded with important nutrients, and most of them are low in calories and carbs. Eating them at every meal can help you overcome a weight loss plateau.
  • Rev up your workout: You should increase the intensity of your exercise to amp up your calorie burn. Also, doing weightlifting exercises will add or maintain lean muscle mass and help increase your body’s capacity to burn fat.
  • Build a little extra activity into your day: Do the dishes by hand, walk more and use your car less, take the elevator instead of the stairs. Any physical activity will help you burn more calories.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep: It’s becoming clear that not getting enough sleep at night can lead to weight gain by lowering your metabolic rate and increasing stress hormones levels, which have been shown to promote hunger and fat storage.

Weight loss plateaus can be frustrating and demoralizing. And, nearly every dieter experiences a stall at some point on their weight loss journey.

Fortunately, with these great strategies you can begin losing weight again.

Easy & Fast Solution for These Problems

These are really so complicated weight loss problems for men and women you might face when trying to lose weight. And, they can prevent you from having the body you always dream about.

We know how hard it can be to stick to your diet plan, deprive yourself of the delicious foods you like, and struggle to do your grueling exercises after a long hard day.

But fortunately, there is an easy and fast solution that can help you overcome all these obstacles.

If you want to really burn fat and lose weight, you’ll need to try this single solution that works amazingly well.

The simple solution for all these weight loss problems is to take a natural weight loss supplement alongside a healthy diet and enjoy all the benefits it will give you.

ِAs seen on MyBestFatBurner.com when talking about the Best Fat Burners for Men and the Best Fat Burners for Women, these supplements contain blends of herbal extracts and natural stimulants.

Some burn fat as heat or as fuel, providing extra energy and stamina. Some even work more as an appetite suppressant to suppress food cravings, so your overall calorie intake is reduced.

Recommended Weight Loss Supplement

PhenQ - Common weight loss problems solutionPhenQ, a natural product, can help you break the bad habits and achieve the weight loss success you desire.

What is PhenQ? It is a popular diet pill that works as a fat burner, appetite suppressant, energy booster, mood enhancer, and can:

  • help you keep food cravings under control
  • Help you eat fewer calories, no more feeling starved
  • Force your body to burn its own stored fat for energy
  • boost your power and supercharge your energy levels
  • Stimulate muscle tissue and prevent muscle loss while you are dieting
  • Stimulate your metabolism and turn you into a 24Hr fat burning machine

It has many positive testimonials from happy customers who say it has helped them to lose between 3-5 lbs a week. Watch These Amazing Before-and-After Photos.

And, all this without the need to deprive yourself or undertake a hard workout program! As a result, this is one of the easiest solutions to get rid of all weight loss problems for women and men.[the_ad id=”4458″]

Have you tried to lose weight, what the obstacles did you face, and what did you do to overcome them? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

That’s it for the most important weight loss problems for men and women that might prevent you from losing your weight.

We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, because you never know who you can help with it!

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